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Criminal Defense Attorney

"Anytime someone calls me to dance, immediately I get ‘the spark.’  So it's not just going on stage.  I love the entire ride. 

And it's very similar to the courtroom.  When the judge says 'ready for trial?’ then I get the spark.  I get a rush of excitement that this is about to begin the process."

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Bollydancer Seema


Founder, ClassPass
Author, LifePass

Artistic Director, Sa Dance Company

"I'm always going to dance, and I know my family, my dance teacher, everyone in my life are going to show up and help.  And the same thing happened when I built my company, ClassPass.

Knowing I can count on people who also believe in what

I want to create is what makes achieving my vision possible. 

Bollydancer Seema
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Artistic Director, Bollywood Axion 

"My parents are from India and were concerned that I would grow up not knowing the culture.  One way they figured I would be exposed to it was through dancing. 

That’s what got me in.  I was hooked."

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Bollydancer Pooja

Co-Founder, Artistic Director,

Junoon Performing Arts

"It's important to me to address social issues in my art.  Dance can be a way to reach people who might feel uncomfortable facing these topics otherwise."

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Bollydancer Pooja

Artistic Director, Junoon Performing Arts


I love that Bollywood highlights the happy times. But it is important for me to dig deeper and get to more disturbing real life issues that are happening. It can be difficult, but that sometimes ends up benefiting you more than anything else. (could lose the first line in bold if this is too long. And just start with capital "It is important.....")

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Co-Founder, Artistic Director,

Junoon Performing Arts

"If it's a duet it doesn't have to be between a guy and a girl it can be two guys or two girls. That's where I want the whole world to be and I'm proud that Junoon is there now."

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Business Manager, Advertising Agency

"Dance is an outlet to express what words can't. 

My world would be pretty dark without dance."

Bollydancer Yeng


Public Relations, Performing Arts

"The way I learned to dance was I would watch music videos.  Michael Jackson or Madonna or whoever was

really popular and had really big dance numbers."

Bollydancer Kevin


Notary Public


"I've always been shy, and the only time I don't feel that way is when I'm dancing.  For me it's just the ultimate form of self-expression and connection to others."

Bollydancer Shy


Makeup Artist

"With Bollywood it's always telling a story.  You become one with the music and you'll get a feeling from it, whether you understand the language or not."

Bollydancer Rashida
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